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-How do I set up a new user account?

Anybody can use our website for free. Use your email address to sign up and get started right now. Having an account gives you the ability to check out our features and track your own progress.

-What to do after I sign up for CollegeFork?

At CollegeFork, you can explore your dream colleges, find your perfect match, design your own way to rank all the colleges, and get expert's advice to help you through your college application progress.

-How it works?

CollegeFork process
Here is how you start at CollegeFork.
  1. Sign up or log in to your personal account. (See How to set up a new account).
  2. Enter the college match page, complete the test and find which colleges fit your personality.
  3. Use the to set up your preferences and expectations for your dream college, used the panel to quantify your demand. Our special algorithm will generate the personalized college ranking list just for you.
  4. Find out more college information through College Dive In, add more schools to your College List, and learn more about colleges and events on our CollegeFork Forum
  5. -How do I find information for colleges at CollegeFork?

    CollegeFork gives you everything you need before/in/after college. You can visit College Dive In to find information needed. Search for a certain college or randomize to explore, you can access informations such as ranking, admission, or majors of universities on their individual page.

    -How to find my matched colleges?

    CollegeFork is the one and only place to find a perfect college for you. You will meet your "soulmate" by using our main feature College Filter. See the instructions on this page to get a better experience.

    -I have read the articles on the CollegeFork Forum, where do they all from?

    CollegeFork invited experienced students and alumni to share their experience and advice. All the original articles are written by students and alumni, edited and published by the CollegeFork Editing Team. You should not reprint or publish these articles without our permission. Contact us via email [email protected] to get further information.

    -Can I share my own experience to CollegeFork?

    Definitely! CollegeFork welcomes everyone to share their experiences and advice to fellow students and alumni. If you have any suggestions, or you wish to send your articles on your experiences, contact via email: [email protected]

    Still have questions or suggestions? Please contact [email protected], we will reply ASAP.