Though test score is not everything, feel free to tell us your academic strengths to help us find you the right place. Drag the sliders below according to how important it is to you. While ranking is not everything, how much does US News school ranking mean to you? Many collges are located in less advantagious areas but have strong academics. How much do you value a good campus location? When an academic difficulty occurs, ask for your teacher’s advice! How much does a low student-faculty ratio mean to you? “A little body often harbors a great soul.” Scroll the button to the right if you love small classes (with under 20 students, for example). A higher score in this section if you cherish a diverse student body with more international students from different culture backgrounds. Many schools are known for their high-quality parties! How much do you value party culture in college? Safety is always the top priority. Mark a higher score for this one if you agree on that. College life is not just about studying. How much does a varied and colorful student life mean to you? Hooray! Let’s cheer for our team! Do you expect strong sport spirit within your future college? It’s okay to be kind of picky when it comes to your living space. How does a comfy dorm environment mean to you? Do you consider food quality as an essential factor when choosing your college? It’s great to spend your next four years in a beautiful campus. How much do you value the environment on your campus?

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